Watermark re|engage

What pastors are saying

"re|engage is the best thing our church has to offer for husbands and wives who want to build more love and respect into their marriage.  We have been able to reach more families than ever before and witness deeper healing than we ever imagined.  Each week at re|engage there is an eager anticipation to see what God will do next.  We never get tired of being a part of stories of life change and building better marriages."

Shad Purcell, Senior Pastor, Northeast Baptist Church, San Antonio TX
"One of the greatest elements of re|engage is the authenticity. There is something powerful about a couple in crisis or need coming for the first time and actually hearing real stories from real couples about their own struggles and God's work in their lives. That seems to hit a deep place in the seeking couple's hearts and lives.  Seeing and hearing couples, willing to put themselves out there - ‘warts and all’ - just seems to impact in a greater way. It speaks to the reality of depth of commitment facilitators have towards marriage and people in pain. And THAT reality is a potent ingredient in working with hurting couples."

Sharon L. Good, Minister of Real LIFE & Counseling, The Church on Rush Creek, Arlington TX
"re|engage’s primary benefit is that it works - because it is God and gospel centered.  It will transform more couples in more dramatic ways than you can envision.  Having just completed our first 4 closed groups, we have 19 couples where the wife’s rating of the marriage went up an average of 3 points on a 10 point scale. The average for the men is 2.5 points.  Two of our four groups want to go through the program again.  It has created relationships that will transcend the re|engage program."

Mark Irvin, Pastor of Marriage, Men's, and Care Ministries, Wheaton Bible Church, West Chicago IL
"As the Director of Care Ministries I have been challenged to develop or find resources in our church's life groups to resurrect and strengthen marriages.  I was feeling really burned out in my attempts to help couples who came for marriage counseling…as many come in just before they are ready to pickup divorce paperwork.  I went to Watermark Church for a conference and attended their re|engage program.  I knew that night after I heard the couple share their story of grace and forgiveness that this was a program that would give HOPE to hurting couples.  I was so excited to come back to California and find a team who could help pull re|engage off at Neighborhood Church.  We have been running a re|engage program at our church now for 5 months.  We have had 15 couples complete the curriculum, have an average attendance of 30 participants a week and currently have two Closed Groups running.

I oversee a large variety of ministries at NCR and do about 15 hours of counseling a week.  re|engage has become the highlight of my week and I look forward to seeing how God uses this program to reach not just the broken marriages in our church but in the community where we live. Our re|engage program has become a safe place for couples to reconnect."

Colleen Thompson, Director of Care Ministry, Neighborhood Church of Redding,  Redding CA

"Over 40% of our church has completed re|engage and all agree that it has something for all couples, not just those that are struggling.  But for those who are struggling, it has provided us a great opportunity to help these couples work through issues.  What a joy it has been to see God’s people become transparent and authentic with each other and allow the Holy Spirit to work through and in each other to bring Him glory through Christian marriage."

Ysavel Medina, Executive Pastor, The Ridge Church, Carrollton TX

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