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What researchers are saying

In October 2016, researchers from Hope for the Hurting Home published a study about re|engage.  From their perspective as an outside party, they investigated re|engage to determine how program results match up with other contemporary research.  They used three research methods: quantitative data was gathered via survey from current program participants, audio testimonies from previous program participants were reviewed, and an in-person field study was conducted by the primary researcher.
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A few quotes from the study:

"Significant improvement in marital ratings was found from before participation in re|engage to after. Further, being unified with one’s spouse, finding support in community, and looking to God for strength were three specific behaviors that showed significant growth over the course of re|engage participation and that were correlated with higher marital quality."
"The vast majority of participants, 96.9% to be precise, strongly agreed (81.9%) or agreed (15%) that they would recommend re|engage to others."
"In general the qualitative research of couples who testified to the positive impact they believe re|engage had on their marriage yielded several salient themes tied to marital improvement: selflessness, accepting ownership for one’s share in marital problems, working as a team, growing relationships with God, God’s healing intervention, God’s grace and forgiveness, the importance of staying connected to a supportive community and being known, looking to God for the strength to work on one’s marriage, and the presence of severe marital or personal issues."
"The vast majority of participants in re|engage claimed their marriage was at least somewhat better at the end of the program than it was when they started, and over half reported their marriage to be greatly improved after participating in re|engage. This self-report of improvement over 16 sessions combined with an average increase of 1.8 points when asked to rate the quality of one’s marriage both before and after participation in re|engage on a 10-point rating scale is strong evidence of a connection between marital improvement and participation in re|engage. Not only were marriages seen to improve, but participants’ happiness in regards to their marriages increased by several points. This increase in happiness regarding one’s marriage is very important as it increases motivation for couples to continue investing in their marital relationship."

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