Watermark re|engage

Why bring re|engage to your church?

6 reasons to start a marriage ministry in your church:

  1. Prevents staff burnout and fatigue as it creates a clear path for counseling couples.  One of our biggest reasons for starting re|engage was to help offload the marriage counseling burden felt by our church staff.  Volunteers can be positioned for success to take on this responsibility (2 Peter 1:3).
  2. Creates service opportunities for the local body of Christ.  re|engage drives a need for leader couples who in turn love other couples at a time when they are hurting (1 John 3:18).  And leader couples often experience improvement in their own marriage as a result of serving!
  3. Couples who may never walk through the front door of your church may be driven to re|engage and the good news of Jesus Christ by the pain they are feeling in a strained marital relationship (Matthew 11:28).
  4. Provides a great opportunity to make disciples.  The re|engage curriculum is the gospel applied to marriage (Ephesians 5:25).  Take a look at the first lesson by clicking here.  Participants in re|engage are often confronted with a loving God they have never met and ultimately embrace His free gift!
  5. Produces a synergistic effect on your Children's and Student ministries as families are only as healthy as marriages.  As kids see their parents model the relationship that God intended, families are strengthened (Proverbs 14:26).
  6. Injects a dose of authenticity into your church.  The transparency that is a by-product of re|engage Closed Groups can be infectious.  Many couples who complete re|engage are no longer satisfied with "putting on a face" at church, but realize that true freedom is found in being fully known by others (Proverbs 28:13).

"My passion for people drives my passion for re|engage.  There is no better way to love another person, and no other way a man/woman can learn to love, than to lead them into a fully ENGAGED relationship with Jesus Christ.  re|engage was designed to be and always will be a discipleship ministry.  It will allow you and your church family a way to reengage your community with Christ as they look for help in the midst of their breaking or broken relationships.  re|engage is a chance for the body of Christ to accomplish its mission and regain its place in the mission of serving others in the midst of some of the greatest darkness, dysfunction and disappointment in their life.  If you love others, if you want to help restore the crumbling societal building block that is marriage, if you want to make disciples and help the church reclaim its place as God's agent of healing and hope in the world, then re|engage is for you."

Todd Wagner, Senior Pastor, Watermark Community Church, Dallas TX

How to bring re|engage to your church