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First Baptist Church Sapulpa

Address: 200 S Elm St Sapulpa, OK 74066
Website: fbcsapulpa.com
Meeting Day: Wednesday

About the Program

New groups are starting soon so check out the details at fbcsapulpa.com/ministries/marriage-ministry

About First Baptist Church Sapulpa

There is only ONE God and none other. There is nothing outside of Him. We as the church exist for one simple reason: to glorify God. He established mankind to bring glory to His name (Isaish 43:7) and likewise the Church was established for the glory of God. We as the Church exist to declare there is ONE God to whom all glory is due. FBC Sapulpa glorifies God by Embracing, Proclaiming, and Imitating Him. To EMBRACE Him is to place our faith in Him, so we no longer cling to ourselves and our sin but with all of our heart, our soul, our strength and our mind, we embrace Him and His ways. Daily we choose to die to self, as we put off our old self. To PROCLAIM Him is to make known to all peoples what we have seen, what we have heard and what we know to be true about Christ, who is Lord. To IMITATE Him is to know God so that our attitudes, beliefs, actions and character are transformed into Christ's likeness. We strive to put on Christ and become an example that leads others to imitate Christ. So that they will be mature, fully equipped disciples.