Watermark re|engage

Mission Hills Church

Address: 620 SouthPark Drive Littleton, CO 80120
Website: www.missionhills.org/re-engage/
Meeting Day: Monday

About the Program

Re|engage at Mission Hills Church occurs on Monday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Evening begins with worship, followed by large-group testimonies and teaching. We finish with one-hour small groups, (either "newcomer", "open", or "closed".) Free childcare is available. Visit us at... www.missionhills.org/re-engage/

About Mission Hills Church

Mission Hills Church is a Denver-based megachurch on mission with Jesus. We are REAL... we are MESSY... and we are NEW in Christ. We can be boldly honest because we believe God's truth brings freedom. We can be imperfectly faithful because we believe God loves us even as we stumble. We are constantly transforming because we believe God gave us a fresh start through Jesus. Our vision is simple: Through evangelism, discipleship, and worship, we are transforming lives... period.