Watermark re|engage

River City Community Church

Address: 16765 Lookout Road Selma, TX 78154
Website: reallife.org/reengage/
Meeting Day: Sunday

About the Program

We meet Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:30. Childcare is available. For more information and contact details, go to reallife.org/reengage. We run re|engage twice a year - in the Fall (August - December) and Spring (February- May).

About River City Community Church

Our church was founded in our pastor's home in 1998. Our church ministry is organized based on 5 discipleship behaviors: Follow, Connect, Grow, Serve, Share. We accomplish the majority of ministry through our community groups which meet in homes. Community groups are a requirement for church membership. Besides community groups, we have vibrant next gen ministries and adult education classes that include bible studies, life development, Starting Point and foundations classes, and support and recovery groups. Our marriage ministry includes a premarital program, newly married community groups, couple on couple marriage mentoring and re|engage. We reach many people who are unchurched or who have been away from church for a while. Our focus is to be worshipers who are Christ centered, grounded in God's word and culturally relevant. We call ourselves "A Church for Real Life." Our mission statement is: "More People Living Real Life by Passionately Following Jesus."