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Listed below are recommended resources on the topic of Commitment:

Media Title Author
Article re|engage re|minder - Commitment: Committed to the Lifelong Covenant, No Matter What!  Charles & Karen Bundren
Article One: Wives and Husbands (*) David Powlison
Article From Loneliness to Oneness (*) Jayne V. Clark
Article Marriage: Counting the Days Or Making Every Day Count Mars Hill
Article What Did You Expect? A Trust Questionnaire Paul Tripp
Article re|engage re|minder - Commitment: Committed till the walls come down! Robert and Liz White
Article Until Death Do We Part – For Real Sam Crabtree
Article Hey, Christians, It's Time to Take Divorce Off the Table

Will Davis Jr.


10 Common but Illegitimate Reasons to Divorce

Tim Challies

Audio 'Failure to Thrive' Marriages Alasdair Groves, Julie Lowe, Aaron Sironi
Audio Commitment John & Pam McGee
Bible Scriptures to review: Ruth 1:16-17, Luke 9:23-24, Romans 5:8 God
Video Commitment: re|engage Lesson 7 Ryan McCarthy

(*) Available for purchase. 

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