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Listed below are recommended resources on the topic of Forgiveness:

Media Title Author
Article The Four Habits That Lead to Forgiveness Darlene Schacht
Article re|engage re|minder - Forgiveness: Re|enacting the Gospel David & Kelli Pritchard
Article Bitterness Is Like a Dirty Diaper Jeff and Debbie Schreve
Article Do We Need To Forgive Ourselves? John McGee
Article The Compost Pile: An Analogy of Forgiveness and Forbearance in Marriage John Piper
Article re|engage re|minder - Forgiveness: No Sweeping! Matt and Sonja McCuen
Article How Quickly Must I Grant Forgiveness? re|engage
Article "I’m Sorry" is Easy, "Please Forgive Me" is NOT! Scott Kedersha
Audio Forgiveness John McGee
Audio Struggling with Forgiveness Milton Vincent
Bible Scriptures to review: Matthew 18:21-22, Matthew 6:14-15, Luke 23:34, Mark 11:25 God
Book Choosing Forgiveness: Your Journey to Freedom Nancy DeMoss
Book Bittersweet (see chapter on "What We Left Behind in South Bend") Shauna Niequist
Video Forgiving Others Brad Bigney

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