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These resources are for the purpose of training re|engage small group leaders.  It is recommended that the Small Group Leader Training Guide be in front of any leader who is viewing these videos.
re|engage Ministry Leaders: If it's your responsibility to ensure all re|engage leaders at your church are trained, we highly recommend you read "How To Use These Videos".
How To Use These Videos View Download
Small Group Leader Training Guide View Download
Video 1: The Role Of A Small Group Leader View Download
Video 2: Ten Characteristics Of Great Leaders View Download
Video 3: Nine Characteristics Of A Great Group View Download
Video 4: How To Plan The Evening In Your Group View Download
Video 5: Group Culture View Download
Video 6: Seven Challenging Behaviors in the Group View Download
Video 7: Pastoral Wisdom View Download
Video 8: Pastoral Care Frameworks View Download
Open Group Training Guide View Download