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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register before I show up?

For most re|engage churches, you can simply show up at the designated time without registering.  We recommend that you review the church’s program details in Church Locator to make sure.

What does re|engage cost?

re|engage costs nothing initially.  If you make the decision to join a Closed Group, you will be asked to purchase two workbooks per couple.  At some churches, you may also be charged a small fee to help offset the cost of running re|engage.

Can I come to re|engage without my spouse?

Absolutely. You will be encouraged by hearing stories from other couples that survived very difficult situations. However, Closed Groups are reserved for couples in which both spouses are committed to the process.

What if there’s not a re|engage church near me?

  • Churches across America are implementing re|engage so we encourage you to check back periodically! 
  • If you would like for your church to consider implementing re|engage, have a church staff member review the “Bring re|engage to your church” section of this site, or send them this link.

Is re|engage the same at all churches?

All re|engage churches cover the identical curriculum in a Closed Group format, and share marriage stories of grace and healing. Because of size or location, some churches may only offer re|engage at particular times of the year, or have a few other local nuances, but the key elements of re|engage are consistent between all churches.